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Freaks Who Stand Out (Even In Hollywood)

Robert Blake that Little Rascal

Celebrity Boxing I & II reality TV as Fox airs this real live freak show

Michael Jackson flipping off the camera + a close up of his face + news

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman with their cute son Conner

Anna Nicole Smith trying to look like a lady + the lawsuit

Eminem plain , no peanuts

Dr. Laura Schlessinger perspective or what...?

Monica Lewinsky hilarious satire and all too many pics of her fat ass

OJ Simpson some killer pics, and, oh... O.J. Ate My Balls

Brian "Kato" Kaelin this guy's just a riot

Darva Conger ...famous first... prime-time televised hooking

Bob Crane Colonel Hogan .." I know nothing"

Elizabeth Taylor with a bald headed hair-doo

Marlon Brando fat and fatter + classic movie posters

Oliver Stone looking quite worn out

Dick Clark this guy is ageless. Like the Jack LaLane of the music industry.

Howard Stern & Family Sorry Howard

Jimi Hendrix freaky, but he's still in the hearts of music lovers today

Albert Einstein What? That's right...Einstein. Not freaky enough?

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