Blake's the way the cookie crumbles.

On April 18, 2002 at 6:21 PM Robert Blake was put in the back seat of a white police vehicle that should be his last car ride in quite some time. He was finally arrested for the murder of his wife/nemisis and mother of his baby, Bonny Bakely. Los Angeles police gave Blake a surprise visit Thursday afternoon around 5:30PM in his sister's home in Hidden Hills, California. They took almost a year building the case against him. The DA is looking to attempt a sucsessfull conviction on what Police Chief Bernard Parks said was a "solved" murder case. There is some paper trail of some $100,000 that was used to allegedly pay a hit-man, although it it not certain who was hiring who to kill whom and ar whose expense. Blake's bodyguard was also arrested the same day on what must assume are related charges. The whole thing was broadcast on live television "OJ" style via helicopter. Stay tuned... she was a real freak and when it all come out in court about the things she did in her life we'll be looking over our shoulders at the supermarket, for sure. Bonny's family lawyer said something interesting on Larry King last night, citing the fact that no matter what a piece of shit Bonny was in her life, she did not deserve to be murdered in the street that way. On a lighter note... Saturday Night Live was already making fun of media attempts to cash in on the day's sorrowful events.

A lot of celebs have been on TV and publically standing up for Mr. Blake. That's nice of them.

The evidence against him is overwhelming but as we know it may not be enough to send him to the slammer.

OJ should keep his mouth shut, but he'll probably be doing this trial's commentary on CourtTV. Speaking of O.J. - Look at the OJ Simpson Webring

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