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The battle over EMINEM and whether or not he destroys the hearts and minds of our youth is actually a lot older than Eminem himself. As most people know, it's the exact same thing that happened in the '60s with ELVIS and THE BEATLES. It happened again in the '70s with ALICE COOPER and BLACK SABBATH. In the '80s, it was PRINCE and MADONNA. And in the '90s, grunge and gangsta rap took the heat. And in each instance, there were those who claimed that violence, sexuality and rebellion in music were not only "not harmful for children", but were actually GOOD for them.

--So, of course, it happens again. German professor HANNES NIGGENABER claims that Eminem's songs are not only harmless, but HELPFUL to kids trying to make sense of this crazy world of ours. He says, "Kids need rebellion. If they don't dare to rebel themselves, they let bad boys like Eminem do it. Parents want their kids to idolize scientists or sports stars, but kids laugh at that idea and look for role models who fit in with their own state of mind, idols who they can look up to." (Scottish Daily Record)

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Bad boy rapper to appear naked in centerfold for a British magazine.

Eminem, known for his homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, will down his trademark chainsaw and will be pictured with only a stick of dynamite to protect his dignity in June's UK edition of women's magazine Cosmopolitan. "He will be appearing naked in a sealed section in the June issue," said a spokeswoman for Cosmopolitan. The controversial 28-year-old rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, will join 16 mainly British celebrities, including soap actors and pop stars, for the centerfold pictures.

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