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MIAMI - Federal and local law enforcement agents searched former football star O.J. Simpson's house in south Miami-Dade Dec.4, 2001 as part of a two-year investigation into an alleged ecstasy drug-smuggling and money-laundering ring. Nine people in Miami and two in Chicago were arrested today, she said, and nine other homes in the Miami area were being searched by the FBI, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and Miami-Dade police. Orihuela said the alleged ring imported the party drug ecstasy from Holland and distributed it in the South Beach area, and also stole equipment used to make counterfeit chips or cards that steal satellite television reception. She said the ring had laundered about $800,000.

The agents converged on the house at 6 a.m., greeted in the doorway by a bathrobe-clad Simpson, whose picture was caught by a television news helicopter hovering overhead. Later, as investigators continued to search the house, an apparently upset Simpson drove away in his black sport-utility vehicle, ignoring the flock of news reporters. Galanter said he had advised Simpson to remain quiet about the incident and he said Simpson apparently became part of the investigation after his name -- not his voice -- "came up on a wiretap in an unrelated drug investigation.

Mr. Simpson, who was acquitted of the 1994 slaying of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles, has not been arrested or indicted in the investigation, called Operation X, FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said. Since moving to South Florida last year, Simpson has made headlines several times. Investigators had departed the house admitting "no illegal substances were found in Mr. Simpson's home. "Galanter denied that Simpson was involved in money-laundering. "One plus one does not equal two in this case," he said. When asked if the former sports legend was being singled out by authorities, OJ's lawyer said. "He's used to this kind of thing,"

On Oct. 24, Simpson was acquitted in an alleged "road rage" case in Miami. He had been accused of snatching the glasses worn by the other driver and scratching the man's face. In January, police arrived at the Kendall apartment of Simpson's former girlfriend Christy Prody, after a neighbor who had heard the couple arguing dialed 911. And more recently, his girlfriend went missing in action ( for some unknown reason) long enough to leave her pet cat to die in her apartment. Now I ask...what's worse? Killing your pet by starvation or sleeping with this womanizing killer has-been.

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