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Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and their cute little Son

Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman & Son

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SYDNEY (Australia) - Actress Nicole Kidman is determined to keep silent on her personal life to protect her two children, despite anguish over the breakdown of her marriage to Tom Cruise. In an interview from Los Angeles with the Australian Sydney Morning Herald, Kidman said she was experiencing the toughest time of her life, but did not mention media reports that she had a miscarriage following her split with Cruise.

``I understand that people are interested but it's my life -- my personal life. It's my job as a mother to protect my children and to protect their privacy,'' Kidman told the Herald. ``It's very difficult seeing your life being dragged through the newspapers and the tabloids and your children being dragged through it,'' she said.

Kidman said she would continue her policy of not commenting on her personal life and was ``trying to take each day as it comes.''

Dancing Monica's Celebrity Pictures

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