Dr. Laura Schlessinger(pronounced incorrectly)

Dear Abby's name isn't Abby, and Ann Landers name isn't Ann. Neither of them have degrees in psychology and they both give out advice. Is Dr. Laura a real doctor? Yes, but her doctorate is in the biological field...in Physiology, not Psychology. Laura never says she is a psychiatrist or psychologist on the radio. It's their own fault if listeners "assume," she's a licensed therapist.

Now there is a Doctor Laura Game. The"official"board game of the Dr. Laura radio program.

Preach And Nag Game

Move over Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh--meet Dr. Laura Schlesinger, the latest mass-media mouth who has stirred a mountain of controversy with her outrageous remarks about feminism, mixed marriages, and homosexuality, to name just a few of her hot-button topics. And now, by playing the Dr. Laura board game, you too can think--and talk--like the sociocultural right-sitting Dr. Laura. Based on her nationally syndicated radio show, this fast-paced board game has players matching wits with the doctor, responding to some of her 600 real, phone-in dilemmas. Do you let your 11-year-old son quit summer camp just because the other kids are calling him gay? If your bookkeeping sister is cheating on the payroll, do you turn her in? Players roll a six-sided die--with sides that say"Teach,""Preach,"or"Nag"--to see if they can give advice as Dr. Laura would (by the vote of the other players). They might also have to guess what her on-air answer was (by multiple choice), or judge which other player gives advice most like Dr. Laura's. Opinions will fly as play progresses around a circular board. The player who thinks most like Dr. Laura is the winner or, depending on who you ask, the loser. Have this game delivered to your doorstep from Amazon.com.

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All Of These Popular Self-Help Books Were Authored By Laura Schlessinger

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 Yahoo Laura Schlessinger Web Ring

As we can see... Dr. Laura Schlessinger now poses an even greater threat to the world...

.Just because she posed nude in the past, Doctor Laura Exposed we may not want to see her naked now.

Doctor Laura Ate My Balls

Let's pray that Dr Laura's ball eating is merely a phase, and that she will soon outgrow it.

What's the big idea?...Why Balls? Is there some kind of story here?

O.J. Simpson Ate My BallsMonica Lewinsky Ate My Balls

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