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Brian Kaelin had offered a sense of humor to the OJ Simpson trial. He's been called "Kato" since childhood, when the name was taken from actor Bruce Lee's character the in "Green Hornet". Kaelin shared the same name as Nicole's dog, which Nicole and O.J.'s children affectionately named after their mother's friend. He was an aspiring actor and professional freeloader who lived in the guesthouse in the rear of Simpson's Rockingham mansion, where he often tended the Simpson children.  Kato was a casual friend to O.J., who talked with him on occasion and had allowed Kaelin to continue living at the guesthouse after the Simpson's had divorced.

His testimony regarding O.J. Simpson's statements prior to the murder, as well as Simpson's whereabouts on the night of the murder made Kaelin an important witness for the prosecution. However, due to his "flakiness" on the stand, Prosecutor Marsha Clark treated Kaelin as a hostile witness, asking Kaelin on the stand if he was "changing his testimony. " After his four days of testimony, Kaelin exclaimed, "I'm so relieved."

After the trial, Kaelin began a short-lived career in radio talk-show hosting. Kaelin sued a tabloid for defamation of character (see article below) and was himself sued by his biographer. Kaelin also appeared bare chested in an edition of the"New Yorker"and on the cover of "Playgirl." He is currently tappearing in a Moby video, "We Are All Made of Stars" on MTV and is still working on getting "Houseguest", his reality based TV show , where he spends the night at a guest's house to be on the air. you can e-mail the new Kato Kaelin Fan club at

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The original Kato was played by Bruce Lee

Kato was the sidekick to the television crime fighting hero known as The Green Hornet. (See Posters & Photos) Kato and the Green Hornet guest-starred in two Batman episodes: "A Piece of the Action" and "Batman's Satisfaction". Their own spin-off series called "The Green Hornet" ran for less than one season of 26 half-hour episodes.

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Kato Kaelin Cashes In 

Brian "Kato" Kaelin, who became the nation's most famous houseguest during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, settled (for an undisclosed amount) in his $15 million libel lawsuit against the National Examiner over its headline: "Cops Think Kato Did It!"

Kaelin was Simpson's houseguest when the former football star's ex-wife and her friend were stabbed to death in 1994. Simpson was acquitted of criminal charges (but later found liable in a civil trial). The National Examiner headline ran a week after the acquittal. While the tabloid argued that it never accused Kaelin of murder and the"it"in the headline meant perjury, a federal appeals court last year ruled that the headline alone could be grounds for libel.


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