Some notable quotes by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Did you know that Dear Abby's name isn't Abby? And Ann Landers name isn't Ann? Neither of them have degrees in psychology and they both still piss advice. Is Dr. Laura a real doctor? Yes, but her doctorate is in the biological Physiology, not Psychology. Laura never says she is a psychiatrist or psychologist on the radio. If listeners of her radio show "assume," she's a licensed therapist... it's their own fault. 

She did pose nude in the past...

As we can see... Dr. Laura Schlessinger now poses an even greater threat to the world.

Doctor Laura Naked

Because,,,Men Are From Mars?

Have you seen our Doctor Ruth and Doctor Phil pages?

Doctor Laura Ate My Balls

Let's pray that Dr Laura's "ball eating" rhetoric is merely a phase, and that she will soon outgrow it.

What's the big idea?...Why Balls? Is there some kind of story here?

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