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One might ask...What's this Ate My Balls stuff all about?.

The history of AMB originally began in a college dormitory, where a door "EXIT " sign (true story) had accidently been broken to pieces by an errantly tossed football. Someone then took this damaged sign on as a reapir project and during their efforts had altered it, to make it read "MR. T" ( well known from the 1980's television show The A-Team) before re-assembling the housing. I forget the entire story, but at some point, with an apparent stroke of genius...the phrase "ATE MY BALLS" was added, providing icing on the cake. Funny, you might ask? Maybe... but before too long had past, almost everything and every person on campus had succumbed to the banter of accused testicle eating. the time the original "Mr.T Ate My Balls" web-page arrived on the Internet, the joke had seemingly already run its course.

Enter the Cyber World of the Internet, where the legacy of Mister T's ball eating has become an icon of the WWW. First Mr.T , and then Chewbacca Ate My Balls by the same author, and then the first knock-off was "Ronald Reagan Ate My Balls" starting an uncontrollable flood. There are now many hundreds of AMB web pages, covering a wide variety of subject matter, enjoyed by millions of people world-wide, all inspired by something so stupid, that our very interest in it... is a joke.

"I pity the fool that don't see enough Ate-My-Balls pages"

Ate My Balls Humor Satire & Joke Links

O.J. Simpson Ate My Balls

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Brian Griffin Ate My Balls

Click here for the un-original Monica Lewinsky"Ate My Balls "Page

Monica Lewinsky Ate My Balls

The O.J. Simpson Webring

Doctor Laura Webring.

Doctor Laura Ate My Balls

Mr T Ate My Balls


  Joke: A man walks in to the doctor's office for a routine check-up. Instead of clothing, he's wearing only a thin layer of clear plastic wraped around his waist like a diaper. After finding the man to be in absolutely perfect health , the doctor suggested that he see a Psychiatrist. "Why?" the man asked. And the doctor replied, " I can clearly see... yer nuts".

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