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The Doctor is in. Everything you could possibly want or need to know about sex via the advice of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, better known as "Dr. Ruth". Yes, that's right ... sex. She is famous for her dynamism and her topic of conversation: sex and, the most renowned psychosexual therapist in her field. She has dedicated her entire life to subjects like sex and the media, women's health issues, relationships and human sexuality while helping others do the same.

Making sex a subject for public discourse is just one of the challenges Dr. Ruth has faced in her lifetime. A German Jew during the height of Hitler's control of Europe, Dr. Ruth was shipped to an orphanage in Switzerland where she escaped much of the violence of the Holocaust. At the age of 16, she took up her people's cause and headed to Israel as a member of the Haganah, a Jewish freedom-fighting group. In 1956, Dr. Ruth immigrated to the United States and began studying sociology, psychology and education.

As an adjunct professor at New York University and a fellow at the New York Academy of Medicine, Dr. Ruth spends much of her time educating those people who will in turn educate others about the mysteries of sex. But Dr. Ruth does take time to travel around to colleges and universities. Her dedication to educating students earned her the title of "College Lecturer of the Year" twice.

Dr. Ruth took her discussion to the airways in 1980, when she hosted a midnight radio show in New York City. Now, less than 20 years later, fame from radio and television talk shows have made her face and accented voice recognizable across the globe--also making her an international token of sex in the '90s. With newspapers, books and television shows infiltrating societies across the globe, Dr. Ruth's message of sexual literacy is seeping through to the masses. And she is not opposed to trying new mediums to spread the word. She has her own web site and she also teams up with forces like Playboy magazine to produce such homevideos as "Arousal, Foreplay & Orgasm." Dr. Ruth also writes romance novels which she frames sex into a historical context. Dr. Ruth's funny little accent, her direct approach and honesty have helped to make her very popular in the sexually frustrated U.S.

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