What do Monica Lewinsky, O.J. Simpson and Cindy Crawford have in common?

They all live in Brentwood, an upscale neighborhood in the west end of Los Angeles, California which appears to have a very mysterious past history.
"And when the upscale Brentwood district was recovering from the notoriety and gawkers brought by the O.J. Simpson case, the juggernaut of news coverage descended for a second time upon Bundy Drive, Gretna Green Way and other streets familiar to trial watchers." (See USA Today for February 5, 1998, page 3-A.) "'It's a little deja vu,' said Elaine Katz, 40, strolling past the scene with her leashed saluki-shepherd mix, Shayne."

"Retired schoolteacher Joan Taylor, 75, struggled in vain to pull her family's Scotch terrier past the staked-out journalists. 'He wants to see what's going on,' Taylor said, 'I can hardly drag him home.'" (USA Today, February 5, 1998, ibid.)

"Monica Lewinsky's father, Bernard, lives just a few blocks from the condo where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were knifed to death in 1994." Nicole's condo is at 875 South Bundy Drive. "The oncologist's home is also not far from O.J.'s old estate" at 360 North Rockingham Avenue "where the media camped out for months before and after his sensational murder trial."

"Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Terri Brinkmeyer said cops expected 'a media circus' in Brentwood. 'But we're used to that, especially in this area.'" (See the New York Post for February 4, 1998, "Circus Is Back in Brentwood," page 3)

Probably neither the Lewinskys nor O.J. nor supermodel Cindy Crawford, who owns "a 4,000- square-foot, four-bedroom, Spanish-hacienda-style home in Brentwood" (See the Globe for February 10, 1998) are aware of the strange events that occurred in the district back in January 1934, which resulted in some wild claims and a mysterious disappearance.

In 1933, self-styled inventor and mining engineer G. Warren Shufelt came to Los Angeles, hoping to interest backers in his "radio X-ray" device, a kind of early-day subterranean sonar. Visiting Brentwood, then a new post-World War One subdivision, Shufelt tested his invention and discovered underground tunnels running south to Santa Monica and the ocean. He also discovered tunnels deep beneath Dodger Stadium, the Central Library and Fort Moore Hill, now site of the Los Angeles Unified School Distrct headquarters. "To understand his find, Shufelt said he took his secret to Arizona, to a famous Hopi Indian leader known as Chief Greenleaf."

"The Hopi tale the chief told him begins about 3,000 B.C. with a highly advanced race known as the Lizard People. According to legend, after a fire or meteor nearly destroyed their culture, the mysterious race built three underground cities along the Pacific coast."

"The capital of this underground world was said to be beneath downtown Los Angeles. (Another city was under Mount Shasta and nobody knows where the third city was.) Caverns and tunnels housing a thousand families supposedly were created with an unknown chemical solution that melted bedrock. Tunnels and rooms were said to be filled with gold--then a symbol of long life rather than wealth--and lined with a cement superior to any known to modern man." "The legendary lost city of tunnels was built in the shape of a lizard, also a Hopi symbol for longevity." (See the Los Angeles Times for July 22, 1996, "L.A. Scene--The City Then and Now" by Cecilia Rasmussen.)

The Brentwood tunnel supposedly runs parallel to Sunset Boulevard, turning south beyond Bundy Drive, crossing San Vicente Boulevard and passing under the Brentwood Country Club before heading for Santa Monica. Shufelt announced his plans to excavate the reputed "temple room" under Fort Moore Hill. (See the Los Angeles Times for January 29, 1934.) The city gave Shufelt permission to drill down to 1,000 feet, but after only reaching 350 feet, drilling stopped for fear of a cave-in. Breathless newspaper accounts were never followed up, and Shufelt disappeared. (Los Angeles Times, July 22, 1996) A local psychic of the 1930s, Edith Elden Robinson of Paco Rivera said she had a vision of "a vast mammoth tunnels extending to the seashore," with a few running under Brentwood.

(Editor's Comment: Prehistoric tunnels have also been found under Rome, Italy, apparently predating the Etruscan period, 1300 to 300 B.C. The Etruscans, a.k.a. the Rasenna, founded "Roma" on the site of an earlier city--Saturnia.)


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