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Tommy Lee... Methods Of Meyhem


Just look at Tommy's ex-wife... Pamela Anderson-Lee


If TOMMY LEE gets sued by the parents of DANIEL VERES, who drowned in his swimming pool, he'll have at least one ally in court. 20-year-old JANELLE HARRIS, who came to the June 16th party with a friend, has reportedly indicated she'll testify on Tommy's behalf if a lawsuit does indeed pop up. Janelle said the party was a straight-up kids event. She says, "There were no strippers there, no drugs, no alcohol. His house was closed for everybody. It was just a pool party."

The four-year-old drowned in the pool while swimming unwatched. But Janelle says it wasn't Tommy's fault. If you'll recall, the boy's baby-sitter, a guy named CHRISTIAN WEISS, left the party early to attend a concert, and asked another woman in attendance to watch the kid. But Janelle says that woman was walking a dog at the time of the accident. She also says that Tommy broke down in tears when he realized Daniel was dead.

(--According to some reports, Daniel's parents, TV executive JAMES VERES and German actress URSULA KARVEN, are getting ready to drop a $160 million lawsuit on Tommy, charging he was negligent in the death of their son.)

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