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Amid a critical drubbing, Actor Sylvester Stallone's own fading star power and a weak market overall, ``Driven'', the race car thriller he wrote and co-starred, sped to box office glory as the film took in a modest $13.1 million for its opening weekend.

At the other end of the scale, the long-delayed Warren Beatty marital infidelity comedy ``Town & Country,'' which reportedly cost upward of $90 million to make, opened at No. 7 with just $3.1 million -- lower than the industry's diminished expectations. The film, which also stars Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton, took three years to make and had its release date changed about 13 times as it underwent reshoots and rewrites that doubled its initial budget. With some of the worst buzz in Hollywood history, the film is being compared to Beatty's infamous 1987 flop ``Ishtar.''

New Line Cinema, the AOL Time Warner Inc. -owned studio that released ``Town,'' gave it a low profile. It did not screen the film for critics until Wednesday and decided not to hold a glitzy premiere. The film's stars did not promote it either. Peter Chelsom directed ``Town.'' Since the film skews older, it counts on good reviews to get its target audience into theaters. As with ``Driven,'' the critics were scathing. The Wall Street Journal said ``the movie's ineptitude is almost incomparable.''

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