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Sandra Bullock

Photo of Sandra with Betty Thomas and Howard Stern

Hollywood star Sandra Bullock, turning her back firmly on plastic surgery, Monday said "Absolutely not. I love what I have."

But she wouldn't mind a cut from the profits of plastic surgeons who use her chin as the perfect model when restructuring their clients.

Beauty was very much in the eye of the beholder at a London press conference where the glamorous Bullock was publicizing her latest film, "Miss Congeniality," about an FBI agent who goes under cover to appear in a beauty pageant.

So what did she learn from appearing with beauty contestants in the film? "How to achieve a more voluptuous figure without altering yourself surgically is what I learned," she concluded.For the star of "Speed" and "While You Were Sleeping" drew the line at having anything done permanently. "You make it work," she said. "You can make it bigger or smaller. If you don't like your hips, go exercise."

Asked what she felt about a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who used her chin as the perfect model, she said: "Don't you think I should get a kickback for that?" "If I saw myself on the street, it would be unnerving but whatever makes them feel good ... If my chin can make them feel better, then great."

But, ironically, she was never happy with her own chin. "It always drove me crazy because it had the cleft," she said.

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