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Some Jenny Craigs Refuse Lewinsky

Some Jenny Craig franchises have decided to run old advertisements rather than use the company's campaign featuring Monica Lewinsky as a spokeswoman for the weight-loss program.

Ms. Lewinsky, 26, is featured in television commercials that had already been airing. The ads show her slimmed-down figure and a ``before'' picture of her looking heavier.

The former White House intern was at the center of President Clinton's impeachment scandal. Clinton later admitted to a sexual relationship with her. Because of her role in the scandal, David Lahey, owner of Jenny Craig locations in Green Bay, Grand Chute and Des Moines, Iowa, said he will not use the ads. ``I wouldn't be pleased if my daughter came home and said, 'I want to be just like Monica Lewinsky,''' he said. Lahey said he plans to stick with an old ad campaign rather than pay for TV commercials of Ms. Lewinsky.

Jenny Craig spokesman Brian Luscomb said that other U.S. franchises also have decided against airing the ads, but he declined to say where or how many. Fifteen percent of Jenny Craig franchises are privately owned. ``It's quite common for franchises to use different ads or create their own,'' Luscomb said from company headquarters in La Jolla, Calif. The overall response to the ads has been favorable, he said.

Jenny Craig Inc. said it considers Ms. Lewinsky a good role model for weight loss because she has been successful on the program. She claims to have lost 31 pounds since starting the program last summer. But Lois Brown, a customer at the Grand Chute center and a public school teacher, said she would quit Jenny Craig if Ms. Lewinsky continues to be a spokeswoman for the company, ``even though I love the program and it's worked very well for me.'' ``She's a woman that has not done a great deal as a positive role model for young women in the United States,'' Ms. Brown said. ``I think she's damaged the institution of marriage, and I think she's made a mockery of our presidency.''

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