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• Monica Lewinsky • America's #1 Bad Girl •

Testimony Regarding The Now Famous Semen Stained Blue Blew Dress

 "And at that point I noticed it

and I kind of thought, oh

this is dirty... it needs to get cleaned.

And then I remembered that I had worn it

the last time I saw the president.

I believe it was at that point

that I thought to myself...

Oh, no". - Monica Lewinsky

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A photograph of the coat-like dress, with a belt and buckle around the waist, was in the pile of documents released in the inquiry into President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.When she took the dress out of her closet some time after what she testified was an intimate encounter with Clinton on Feb. 28, 1997, she noticed stains and surmised they might be the President's ejaculatory fluid.

Ms. Lewinsky testified that she thought it also was possible that she had gotten spinach dip on the dress when she dined out following their meeting. Monica told prosecutors that she had meant to have the dress cleaned but never got around to it and said Linda Tripp, a former Pentagon colleague (who made tape recordings of her conversations aboutthe affair) discouraged Ms. Lewinsky from wearing thedress to a family Thanksgiving meal."She discouraged me,'' Ms. Lewinsky testified."She brought me one of her jackets from her thinner closet. And so it (the dress) wasn't a souvenir. I was going to clean it. I was going to wear it again.''

DNA testing proved the odds of the sperm stains not being from Bill Clinton are one in 7.87 trillion.

Ms. Lewinsky became testy when a grand juror referred to the dress as a cocktail dress."It's not a cocktail dress,'' Ms. Lewinsky said."I'm a little defensive about this subject. I'm sorry. It's adress from The Gap. It's a work dress. It's a casual dress.''

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Lewinsky Wants The Dress Back

Monica Lewinsky has asked for the return of the infamous, semen-stained blue dress she handed over to the Starr investigation into her relationship with Bill Clinton. Ms Lewinsky, who runs a company in New York distributing her own line of home-made handbags, gave the dress to the Starr commission in return for immunity from prosecution. DNA tests later supported her claim that the stain on the dress was Mr Clinton's semen from one of their many sexual encounters in the Oval Office. A New York dealer has estimated that the dress, a simple high-necked Gap store special, which probably retailed for something around $US40.00, could be worth as much as $US500,000.00 or more to a collector - as long as its peculiar presidential seal is intact.

Ms Lewinsky's spokeswoman said the dress had not been returned with the other items sent back to America's best-known former White House intern at the conclusion of the inquiry. "It's her lawyer's position she is entitled to have back all of her possessions," Judi Nadler said. Ms Nadler maintained that Ms Lewinsky had no intention of selling the dress, despite the high price it might fetch at auction. Ms Lewinsky said in a 1999 interview that she would burn the dress if she ever got it back. A number of other items used in evidence have already been returned to Ms Lewinsky, including several gifts she received from Mr Clinton. The special prosecutor's office says it will consider Ms Lewinsky's request for the dresses return "in due course".

"I would love to get my hands on that dress," Robert Schagrin, a co-owner of Gotta Have It collectables in Manhattan told reporters. "I could see it going for mid-six figures, maybe even seven." "When you think of the Monica scandal, you think of that [blue] dress," Mr Schagrin placed the blue dress in the same league as the one worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday for John F. Kennedy in 1962. Monroe's dress sold at auction in 1999 for $US1.26million. Schagrin said "I can see our children's children knowing about that [blue] dress. It's one of those items that can transcend time."

Mr Clinton was impeached for lying about his having relations with Ms Lewinsky and he was eventually acquitted, after a Senate debate.




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