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May 9, 2006

I received my cd's the best of and you also sent me the live cd  , let me tell you  I love the best of cd, but when I listened to the Live cd I cant stop listening to it !    I think it is one of the best I've ever heard , the energy is incredible I haven't heard a live album that good in a long long time ! thanks   Manny Macias

Dec 24, 2005

Got my CDs today (Christmas Eve in Kuwait).  What a great Christmas present.  Sure does bring back some great memories of the early seventies.  I was in a band that played quite a few Ballin'Jack tunes... great times!! Thanx again!!

THOMAS W. POULOS AMC LSE - CECOM Camp Arifjan, Kuwait APO AE 09366

Oct 7, 2005

Hi Dan. I've been trying to follow Luther's situation on the Ballin' Jack website. (news) I hope he's doing well. I first saw Ballin' Jack in the early '70s, as support for Grand Funk. I loved the energy and the music blew me away. Over the years I've collected a lot of memorabilia and hoped that someday someone like Rhino would reissue the catalog on CD. It's no lie to say that I own 7 copies of Live & In Color - I wear 'em out! But I think Special Pride is my favorite studio set. I would be interested in a CD copy.

Larry AKA mrs_blackhouse

July 1, 2005

I am the Indian and she was the New Zealander who used to be your regular visitors and audiences at your gig at Mugen's and the Hold Up Club in down town Tokyo (Akasaka Mitsuek) in 1974. A long time ago maybe. Your line up included a Keyboards player named "King", Glenn and Ronnie as well. I am truly sorry to hear of your condition (Luther) but hey man nothing can stop you I know. That Plexi glass bass was made for you. I searched a lot for you Guys wanting to record an album for you in the 80's when the internet was non existent and gave up.

I understand the frailties of the condition you suffer Luther but have to cheer you up with the thought that there are others who will never have the opportunity to have life like you had it. You were a natural and gifted and I pray that gift still remains in your soul.

I am and have been a lawyer in Australia (Attorney), for a while I worked as a recording engineer which is why I was in Japan anyway those days, and then a prime ministerial advisor in New Guinea just north of Australia. I had a daughter by Sally who I am not married to anymore but still in touch with. We have photos of all of us together in Tokyo. She lives in New Zealand. We live in Melbourne and I am in the throes of financing a Los Angeles based record company 4 Entertainments and am now re entering the music business as an attorney. We are doing it through an Australian client who owns a telco (telecommunications company) and is diversifying into publishing and music. If you are still in the game we should talk. Give us your nmber. If you chose not to, God Bless you anyway.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to have known you and the boys and will always cherish those memories of Tokyo 1974.

Quintin Rozario

May 25, 2005

Hi, I came across some pics of Luther Rabb on your web site.

I'd like to know if he is the same one that played in our 1960's R&R Band - 'The Nite Sounds'

If so, I'd like to know if I can get in touch with him. He taught me the chords to 'J A J' and let me play his grand mother's piano back in the 1960's. He also played with a group called 'The Stags'.Thanks,

John (Michael) Riccetti

March 22, 2005


Ballin' Jack - Never Let 'Em Say - If you've heard the Beastie Boys' "Shadrach," you've heard roughly four seconds of this song: the first line ("never gonna let 'em say that I don't love you") and a promising moment of wah-wah. If you had to extrapolate what this song sounds like from just that sample, your guess would probably come pretty close to the actual article, which is damn well drowning in whockachicka and continues along the idea that the lead singer is not interested in letting other people say he's an ungrateful foolin' around type. You'd be less likely to extrapolate the horn section that barges in halfway through -- including a hell of a trombone slide -- that kicks Chicago's teeth out. And you probably wouldn't guess that the guitar solo that follows afterwards sounds strongly like Jimi Hendrix, probably because Ballin' Jack were formed in Jimi's hometown of Seattle and grew up hanging around with him, eventually touring with him in '70 around the time their debut album came out on Columbia. Nate P.

 Jan 18, 2005

I remember the mighty BJ from the days you played at the old Swing auditorium in San Bernardino. Those were great days, & you were a great band.

Thanks for the great times!!  BWIL

Nov 27, 2004

I just want to say that I am very proud of the work that Luther Rabb has done throughout the years, and it has been an encouragment for me to work in the arts. I am glad that Grandfather was the man he was, also. I believe he shaped us all in many ways, and I rememeber a little of Ballinjack growing up in Seattle. I thought it was cool, then and now.

I am glad to be a member of this family. love you Uncle Luther, sending you some mail here shortly, and some photo's of Mike's family.

Corinthia Rabb

Nov 22, 2004

I was just surfing the net when I ran across this site!

That is my uncle!

Kimberly Rabb

Nov 13, 2004

Thanks A MILLION for the website on one of the greatest bands of all time!!!! Where can I find the CD's? Couldn't find a link on the site, but I may be missing something...

God, i can't wait to hear that stuff again: I'd worn my vinyls down to the nubbin....

thanks again!

Gary Giessmann

Oct 31, 2004

I checked in and was happy to see how much you've done on the site since I talked to you last! Impressive! I think I listen to this CD more than the person I got it for! I really appreciate all the talent and hard work all of you guys have shared.


Jennie Talvitie

Sep 30, 2004

Hope all's well. I've been keeping my eye on the website to see if anything has transpired with the band, namely a new CD, a re-release of their LP's and availability of Ballin'Jack baseball caps. I'm still enjoying the CD I got from you and am also thinking of buying the Special Pride/Live CD.

Keep me posted on the happenings, and hope Luther is getting better.

Darrell in Seattle

Sep 27, 2004

Where can I purchase a copy of the original BALLIN JACK CD??

Thank you

Frank R. Romero

July 19, 2004

Well after looking nearly everywhere for a song called "Ballin'Jack" that I could listen to, unseccessfully I might say, I'll just resort to sending you fan mail.

I have a friend that asked me to try a find this song about a month ago and I have been on a mission to find it. I'm thinking it will be a rarity if I ever get a chance to hear it. I've been surfing and to Barnes & Noble to listen to all the songs that come up that even slightly resemble "Ballin'Jack", but have not been able to find the 1970 release. Now my friend is in the hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident and I was once again trying to find a downloadable copy of it.

If you have any leads for me, we'd appreciate hearing from you!

Also thanks for being available for me to at least write to you and getting this obsessive search out of my head! lol



Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004

From: "Jeff Cox" <>  


Subject: contribution

i came across your website when i was looking for ways to acquire a ballin jack cd. i first heard their music in 1970 and fell in love with it!

the cd i am looking for has "found a child" and "superhighway" ... the front of the album jacket simply had the name "ballin jack" across the top of it in orange "fade-to-yellow" music, with the rest of the cover solid black.

is this cd available if i were to make a donation?

thanks in advance for your reply

jeff cox

July 5, 2004

Oh my gosh!

I've had a Ballin' Jack album since 1970 and could never find anything about these guys!

Amazing - thanks for putting up the web page!

Edmond B. (Ted) Gregory - Frederick, MD.


July 8, 2004

Hi Dan,

Just checking on how the new band is doing and was wondering if you had any luck with the Ballin'Jack hats. Hope all is well!


Jun 6, 2004

Hey Brotha Dangl'in,

I've been waiting for year's for the honky establishment to wake up to 'dis fantastic thang that is Luther.


Timothy C.Thompson

May 21, 2004

Hi there. Was looking at the web site. Lots of fun.

When do you anticipate CD release as referenced on the website?


Rich Virkelyst

May 13, 2004

I just wanted to say that Ballin'jack is the best 70's band I have ever heard, hands down. I am glad to see someone is into to them because I don't know anyone that has even heard of them. I love to turn people on to them because every person that hears them flips, they can't believe how good they are and their from the North West. Keep up the good work and thanks for the info.


P>S> will their ever be a reunion show?

Apr 27, 2004


Can you tell me when the re-release of Ballin'Jack on CD will happen? It's been way too long!

Tks - Bob

March 17, 2004

Great site!! Is it really true that Ballin'Jack's music is out on CD? If so, please tell me how I can get a hold of them. I've been waiting for this for a while, but haven't been able to find them. Please respond! Thanks.

Darrell in Seattle

PS - If this is true, you have made my day!

Apr 28, 2004

Found this website surfin'. This is the coolest thing about the internet, being able to see some old bands that todays music can't hold a candle to. Ballin'jack was a truly wonderful and underrated band!

I saw Ballin'Jack back in the summer of ' 73 at the age of 14 in Medford, Oregon. I was wondering why such an incredible band was playing at such a small venue. Grossly underrated tunes. Maybe it was the horns, as I know a lot of people who don't like horns in rock, though Chicago and The Grassroots did quite well. I had their album collection until some prick ripped off my 70 albums in HS. It's nice to see the internet keep alive some very forgotten but deserving bands.

Thanks for the memories.

Doug Klinkebiel

Apr 24, 2004

This is Keith "buzzy" wolk from Jerusha Band.

Isee you are are Ballin Jack freak and so am I , as well as Jo Renfro.

I think he had referanced our website to you and if you would like, I would like to exchange links with you.

I too was at the swing aud. BJ show and am an avid fan.

best regards,


Mer 31, 2004

When I was in high school I used to listen to Ballin'Jack all the time.

Are there any plans to release their music onto CDs? Thanks in advance

for your reply.

Pat Connell, Omaha, NE

Feb 13, 2004

I was a big fan of the band back in college. Is that first album (blue background, orange logo) available on CD?



Jan 5, 2004

it was great visiting your ballin' jack's webpage.

to my question , do you have complete cd of their first album (1970) ?

thanking you in advance.


utama atmadilaga

Jan 3, 2004

Seeing these concert ads and handbills takes me back to a time when this band, Ballin'jack really drove their point home, with straight-ahead, no nonsence rock and funk, and even dixie-land no band before them, or since, Ballin'jack were originals, and their great studio works have stood the test of time.......

Listening again is a great joy, and the memories of them "killing" headliners night after night, remains a fond part of the story....

They were my first concert and became my favorite live band.....the excitement they generated was phenomenal....and we have never forgot the band or the great shows they gave us......

Thank you, Luther, Ronnie, Glenn, Jim C, Jim W. and guys ROCK!!!!

Johanna lynn

Los Angeles, CA

October 29, 2003

I'm a Seattle-based writer for Rolling Stone and book author (most recently of "Heavier Than Heaven," the best-selling Kurt Cobain biography). I'm presently writing a biography of Jimi Hendrix for Hyperion Books and I'm in the course of doing research for that book. I was also the Editor of The Rocket, Seattle's music magazine, for an 18-year span so I've spent my entire career writing about Northwest music.

My friend Mary Willix passed on your contact and suggested I contact you. She told me you were working with Luther Rabb on doing a re-release of Ballin' Jack material. I'm not sure how far along you are&emdash;I've spoken to Luther a few times on the phone recently but haven't been able to get that info straight&emdash;but if I can help you in any way, by publicizing it in the Seattle or national media once it's together, do let me know. You probably have a liner note writer set up&emdash;Pat MacDonald would be an ideal candidate since he constantly talks to me about how great Ballin' Jack were live&emdash;but if not, let me know. And do keep me informed on how the release progresses: I write frequently for the Seattle Weekly, and both daily papers here, and preserving the legacy of Northwest music a subject that's important to me.

Unfortunately I haven't yet come across any photos of Hendrix and Luther, though Luther is constantly mentioned in the interviews I've done with musicians that grew up with them. I've only been able to chat with Luther briefly&emdash;and I'm hoping his recovery progresses&emdash;but everyone has only kind things to say about him. However I will keep my eyes open for photos during the rest of my research efforts and you never know what I might dig up.

Don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way.


Charles R. Cross

Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 From The Bottom Line Online Magazine #438 - 1998

Subject: ethics of covering tunes

Mike Lankford sez:

So what are the ethics of covering tunes? When is it a rip off and when it is homage? My sense is that Setzer is reviving Prima's tunes and helpin to bring them to a new audience. Because of Setzer, I now know Prima. The complication seems to be that Prima did not get his due while alive and now . Setzer is getting for him---or from him, if you think he's ripping him off.


Well, Louie Prima definitely DID get his due when he was alive. He was pretty successful, had hit records, was a huge draw in Veags, etc. Heck, just for writing "Sing Sing Sing" which Benny Goodman covered and turned into a huge hit, he was probably living comfortably on his publishing royalties! He was still hip enough to get the nod from Walt Disney himself to appear in "The Jungle Book" (he played King Louie). He had a career that lasted thirty years or more, that's not too shabby.

However, his style of music was not popular with the rock and roll generation and like many of his contemporaries slowly faded from the public view. That's nothing new, think of all the rock bands of the 60s and 70s that are long forgotten (Sir Lord Baltimore or Ballinjack, anyone?) My fave Prima tune? A Christmas ditty called "What Will Santa Say WhenHe Finds Everybody Swinging?". So my question is---What is the proper approach to resurrecting tunes from that past so that the originator is not co-opted or ripped off? The only thing I feel is important is acknowledging the sources. The worst sin is to steal writing credits (i.e. Led Zeppelin) when doing a cover.

Brian Rost


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