Luther James Rabb (1942-2006) -Rest In Peace


It's been a hard road without much recognition for many of Luther Rabb & Ballinjack's acheivements in their early years onstage, their underground cult status or their lasting influence on today's music. BALLINJACK first toured in1969, before they had album out and their music has not been available in stores or catalogs for over 30 years. From Tower Records to Columbia House there has been no product on the shelves to buy. They were always held in high esteem by vinyl vultures and DJ's who noted them for their "breaks" and were elders of the hip-hop movememts in NY in the late seventies. Ballin'jack have been sampled by such artists as Young MC, Beastie Boys, Ozamatli, Gang Starr and DoubleXX Posse... and more recently "So Bring It On" by the Cheetah Girls is yet another hit containing a portion of a BallinJack's song.

We look forward to the eventual release of the original 1970's vinyl albums remastered as CD's for sale in stores and... just like you, can't wait to see their songs avalable as online downloads. Meanwhile we will continue work on "A Trubute to Luther Rabb & BALLINJACK" as a compilation of their songs... re-arranged and recorded by other contemporary artists.


New... You-Tube Uploads

Found A Child (Remixed) Slideshow

Ballin' The Jack Instrumental Tribute

Big Move from the movie Max Keeble's Big Move 2001

Found A Child recorded by Cane And Able circa 1972

Imaginary Funk Collective - Found A Child 2008

Bust A Move Old School MTV Video 1989


Found A Child - 2006 Jingle (MP3 Instrumental)

That's right! You did hear the Ballin'jack song "Found A Child" playing over and over again on TV and Radio ads for the ESPN X GAMES held in Los Angeles - August 4-7, 2005.

Old Navy commercials ran on TV earlier in 2005 video... once again using the song "Found A Child" re-recorded in a "Bust A Move" like fashion with new lyrics (a la Shatner with MP3). Video

Also in 2005, "Kon & Amir" released Found A Child on 12" vinyl for sale to hip-hoppin' live DJ's.

Ozomatli - Eva sounds a lot like the drum intro to Found A Child

KJR Radio in Seattle still uses segments of Found A Child during commercial breaks.

Back in the day... many bands did these songs onstage. Anybody remember The Fabulous Flippers?


We are proud to have new representatives for the old catalog. For license of songs for your Webcast, Television Show, Commercial, Advertisement, Movie or Musical Project ... contact Tony Barlo at Microhits Music Corp. (323)850-1345.

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