Ballinjack Ballin'Jack Ball'n Jack BallingJack Ball ballin

Sometimes a place seems so familiar to me

It seem as though I might have been there before

But I know it's not true and I really should go, from here

Got to go now... get away from here

Seasons have come and gone

Pass me by and I have no home

My reason for being alone

It's just a debt being paid from before

To you, a friend this may mean nothing at all

Please don't go but help me up if I fall

Follow me if you can

Follow if you can

Reach out, take me by the hand

Follow me if you can... take me by the hand

It's only a tear, my child

It's going to be there a while

Don't ever say it's too late

There's time, you can wait

Originally Released On The 1970 Columbia LP BALLINJACK

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